24 February 2010

Playing a dangerous game of running red rover with Dad.  They were swinging the ball around and if your name was called you had to run across the lawn while the ball was swinging.  I only got over once.
I love Aidan’s pose.

23 February 2010


Enjoying the last days of summer.

22 February 2010


This is how Aidan watches TV.

21 February 2010


If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.  ~Eleonora Duse

20 February 2010

Orin Reading

Saturday morning reading in the sunshine

19 February 2010


Caught out!!!

18 February 2010


The after effects of spray painting.   Eeeekkk!  When did my hands start looking like my mothers?

17 February 2010


Tidying up my desk.

16 February 2010


Stealing Jesse’s toys.

15 February 2010


Jesse woke up with a cute curl this morning.

14 February 2010

The missing valentine. 

Logan made me a delicious breakfast but I cannot find the photo I took of it.  I also lost Logan’s gift.  We only found it a few days later!  Watch this space!

13 February 2010


Fun under the table while mommy folds washing

12 February 2010

Logan and I went to the YW Valentines fundraiser.  It was nice to spend time together.  We had to bring a picnic basket and we watched a movie outside with the projector.  Logan tried to take a photo for me of all the people but it was just too dark.  I didn't even have to cook because Logan brought home chinese.
Thanks to our wonderful babysitter Kerry.

11 February 2010


Jesse woke up with 3 mosquito bites on his forehead. 

10 February 2010

2010 February 061

Saying goodbye to Theo and Tammy

9 February 2010

2010 February 002

This is what happens when you play dress up.

8 February 2010

 January 2010 012 January 2010 013

Couldn’t help myself today.  I had to post two pictures of Aidan.  I just love the joy in this photo.  We were taking pictures of his new shoes.

7 February 2010

January 2010 016

A trio of cousins

6 February 2010

January 2010 008

I wish I could post the video clip of this one.  Aidan is strumming along to ‘De la Rey’ on Logan’s guitar.  Can you see how he is feeling the music.

Can you see my green fireplace Carol?

5 February 2010


More swimming.

4 February 2010

January 2010 002

I have been trying to take a picture of Jesse once a week but it is a bit difficult with him being so mobile.  Here he is at 7 months, 3 weeks. 

3 February 2010


At last we have some sunshine!  It has been raining like crazy here.

2 February 2010


Off to school.

1 February 2010


I need a haircut!

31 January 2010


Playing the fool on a Sunday afternoon.

30 January 2010


Everything neat and tidy after the garden service left.  I love the garden in summer.

29 January 2010


I never realised how tall Logan must look to the children.  Aidan took this photo of his dad.

28 January 2010


Left alone for a few minutes - Orin decided to unroll the toilet paper.


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