26 April 2010


I had to go shopping today.  Logan had the day off and stayed with the children.  Alphinah our domestic worker loves Jesse and put him on her back when he started moaning.  I got back and he was nearly asleep but when he saw me he started to cry.  I just hate all these gloomy pictures with no sunlight.  Can’t wait for the sun to shine again.

25 April 2010


Some more rainy weather.  Logan and I just cuddled up on the couch and slowly the children came and sat with us and fell asleep

24 April 2010


A cold front has hit us.  I thought I would test out all the winter clothes and see what fits and what doesn’t.  Jesse would not keep this one on!

23 April 2010


Lots of rain today.  We came back from Brother Alex’s funeral and the Doller cousins came to sleep over.  It was nice to just have family and fun surrounding us after an emotional day.  Here they are trying to fit around one small laptop to play a game together.

22 April 2010


Orin sleeping again cuddled up next to his cousin.

21 April 2010


Kyle’s fruit arrangement.  Never a dull moment with boys in the house :-)

20 April 2010


Mid day snooze.  When I try that, everyone in the house senses it.

19 April 2010


Logan had already gone to bed.  I was busy feeding Jesse when I heard the cat food bowl moving around in the kitchen.  Our cat normally eats without making a sound.  I said to Logan that I think there is something strange going on in the kitchen.  He ran into the kitchen but as he was running a black cat was running out.  It got such a shock seeing Logan that it started to scramble on the tiles and caught Logan’s foot in it’s haste.

Mr. Cat you are NOT welcome here!!

18 April 2010


He loves this baseball bat but I am scared of Jesse when he is holding it.

17 April 2010


Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile smile smile.

16 April 2010


Leaves are falling all around, on the rooftop on the ground.

15 April 2010

Orin and Door

2nd round of paintstripper.  Guess we will have to use the heat gun on this door after all.

14 April 2010


Things went much better today….even got a star on my forehead at school :-)

13 April 2010


Aidan putting himself in timeout.

12 April 2010


Playing with Aunty Lara’s birthday gift.

11 April 2010


Making my escape

10 April 2010



9 April 2010


Aidan watched Astro Boy and wanted me to do the hairstyle “just like on the DVD Mom!”

8 April 2010


7 April 2010


Had a wonderful mid morning lunch get together with all my sister-in-laws.  We made pancakes with savoury mince, tuna, asparagus, cream cheese, parmesan cheese. (all separate of course.)  Afterwards we had ice-cream, ultramel, grated chocolate, bananas, bar-one ice-cream pancakes (all together!).  We played a getting to know you game.  You had to tell 3 things about yourself, one being a lie.  Now I know who has been skinny dipping :-).  I really have amazing sisters and I have learnt so much from all of them.  It is fun getting to know Ruby-Lynn better.  She fits right in!

6 April 2010


Kyle with noodle teeth

5 April 2010


Logan and I made rice crispy nests that I found here.  We had fun making them and I think the children were impressed.

4 April 2010


Gearing up for conference weekend means plenty of exercise outside beforehand.

3 April 2010


Crafts to keep busy with all the rainy weather we are having.

2 April 2010


Easter egg hunt at the Stolps, in the rain.

1 April 2010


1.  Pull playstation accessories out of cupboard.

2.  Climb into cupboard.

3.  Pose for picture.

31 March 2010


When Jesse wakes up he normally cries for me.  Well I heard him moan for a second and then he went quiet.  I thought he had fallen asleep again.  A while later I heard giggling.  I went to spy and this is what I found.  Orin had climbed into the cot and was keeping his brother occupied.  So cute!


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